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Suzhou Haider New Material Technology Co., Ltd.,

Suzhou Haider New Material Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2000, and listed on national stock transfer system in Jan. 2016, the stock code is 835415. Located in Changshu, Jiangsu province, with registered capital of CNY 101.178 million. It covers an area of 50,000 m², construction area of 30,000 m² , with employees nearly 300. It is specialized in designing & manufacturing of seismic isolators, highway bridge bearings, lead core rubber bearings (LRB), high damping rubber bearings(HDRB), etc. It can provide a full set of solution caused by seismic or vibration.

Haider is a technologically-leading modern enterprise with advanced production equipment and complete testing equipment. It has passed the Certification of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System. Obtained the Industrial Production License(60000kN), China Communications Product Certification(CCPC), China Railway Product Certifications(CRCC), Certificate issued by China Academy of Building Research(CABR), CE certificate. As well as, High-tech Enterprise, Private Science & Technology Enterprise, Re-contract and Trustworthy Enterprise, AAA Grade Credit Enterprise.

Haider can design and manufacture bearings according to customer’s demands for different projects. A range of products has obtained national invention patents and utility model patent and Certificate of High-tech Products. Meanwhile, we also obtained the technology transfer permits of a variety of products, such as GPZ (2009) pot bearings, GQZ spherical bearings, laminated rubber bearings of CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd.; JPZ pot bearings, JQZ spherical bearings, HDR high damping rubber bearings, LNR horizontal force dispersing bearings of CCCC First Highway Consultants Co.Ltd., GCPZ, GCQZ, FPQZ, GCBC of CCCC Second Highway Constructions Co., Ltd., XQZ of Shanghai Municipal Design Institute, and TGPZ-C of China Railway Design Group co.,Ltd, QKPZ of China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co.,Ltd.

Haider has a strong and creative seismic technology research and design team. Over the years, our products has been used in lots of highway & railway bridges, and public buildings. Clients are all over China and Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia and South America. Some are major projects and landmark. Such as, National Speed Skating Oval for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Xi’an Silk Road Convention Center,Xichang Central Hospital,Shanghai Vanke Sky City, Hainan Chaotanwan Int’l Hospital,Jiangsu Suqian Middle School;Urumqi EastSecond Ring Road,Hohhot South Second Ring Road, Quan Xia Zhang Union Road,Suqian Comprehensive Hub, Tiaoshun Sea-crossing Bridge,Sanmenxia Yellow River Road & Railway Combined Bridge,Tunnel under the River Kanaphuli in Bangladesh,PMB Bridge in Brunei,etc.

Holding the concept of "All kinds of virtues get together", we sincerely welcome project owner, designing institutes, construction companies, trading companies to cooperate with us.

CNY101.178million yuan
registered capital
50,000square meters
Occupation area
30,000 square meters
Building area
Existing employees
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Haider Technology is one of the advanced suppliers of anti-seismic and isolation solutions
  • Haider actively participates in the formulation of industry standards and regulations, and has edited and participated in the compilation of a variety of construction and transportation industry standards.
  • Haider has developed a variety of "special rubber formulas", which have made breakthroughs in the development of ultra-high damping rubber formulas, low-temperature resistant rubber bearing formulas, and flame-retardant and weather-resistant outer rubber.
  • Haider Company has close cooperation with Shanghai Tongji University, Southeast University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Guangzhou University, Nanjing University of Technology and many other academic institutions in the field of construction and bridge seismic isolation.
  • Haider has cooperated with many companies such as ETIC in France, BASF in Germany, FIP in Italy, MISKA in Australia, MAGEBA (Shanghai), etc., to learn and exchange advanced technologies in the world.
  • Rubber mixing
  • Vulcanization
  • Processing
  • Painting
  • Assembly
  • Packing

Advanced rubber mixing system

The computer-controlled weighing and batching system can realize functions such as weighing error prevention, formula management, plan management, material statistics, and data reports.

  • Automatic batching system
  • Automatic feeding system
  • Automatic rubber mixing system

Advanced vulcanization system

Currently, we have 6000 tons of flat vulcanizing machine, capable of processing 2500mm diameter isolation bearings; and 3,600 tons of flat vulcanizing machine It can process seismic isolation bearings with a diameter of 2000mm. And it adopts advanced heat-conducting oil and electric heating temperature control system, which has higher precision, which can increase the service life of the product by more than 10 years.

Advanced processing equipment

The Neway CNC machine tool is processed by a German mother machine and manufactured in a constant temperature and humidity workshop with high processing accuracy.

  • CNC vertical lathe
  • Gantry machining center
  • Vertical machining center

Advanced painting system

The robot airless sprays 6-axis joints, which can make complex trajectory motions. The film is evenly coated, which improves the spraying quality and has high efficiency, good explosion-proofness, and greatly reduces labor costs and labor risks; The electrostatic spraying of the reciprocating machine improves the finish and adhesion of the coating and saves a lot of paint. The coating film wraps better at the edges and corners.

Assembly line


  • Raw material
  • Finished product
  • Third party

Raw material inspection

Perfect test equipment enables the company to test and analyze various properties of raw materials such as rubber and steel, and realize the detection of chemical element analysis, mechanical properties and ultrasonic flaw detection of steel; Test the hardness, aging, strength and elongation of rubber to control the product quality from the source.

Finished product inspection

Advanced, intelligent and high-precision compression shear testing machine:
Parameters: dynamic and static test, vertical pressure 20000kn, horizontal force 4000kn, maximum horizontal stroke ± 600mm, maximum frequency 2.0Hz.
Purpose: it can detect the vertical stiffness, horizontal stiffness, damping ratio and other mechanical properties of isolation bearings listed in the standard, as well as the compressive and shear properties, friction coefficient and rotation angle of some basin bearings and spherical bearings (the testing machine can realize automatic data collection and automatic report generation)。

Third party testing

Cooperate with many authoritative institutions: Tongji University, Southeast University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Guangzhou University, China National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Roads and Bridges, Beijing CCCC Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, SGS, DNV GL, BV ...

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