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Product Model: JPZ(DX)1

Pot Bearing

Product Introduction


Pot Bearing is mainly composed of a steel pot, elastomeric pad, PTFE, stainless steel and top plate.
Through the fluid properties of elastomeric disc constrained in the steel pot, it can support vertical load as the rotation of the upper structure and under the vertical load, to achieve displacement through sliding between stainless steel and PTFE.


•  Compact structure 

•  Large load capacity

•  Controlled sliding friction coefficient and small deformation. 

•  Widely suitable for highway bridge and municipal bridge constructions



•  Fixed bearing

•  Guided sliding bearing

•  Free sliding bearing

Design and fabrication standard:

•  Pot bearing for highway bridges JT/T391-2019

•  In reference with EN1337-5

•  In reference with AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications

•  In reference with BS 5400, Part 9, ”Bridge Bearing”


•  CE Certificate of Constancy of Performance - Pot bearing under the standard of EN 1337-5: 2005

•  ISO 9001 Certificate - Quality Management System

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