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Chengpeng Elevated Elevated Into the City Project Supports are in supply

2019-11-26 10:21:24

In April 2019, our company successfully won the bid for "Chengpeng Elevated Elevated City Section Project (Bearing) of the Second Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Communications Second Aviation Bureau.

The project is located in Jinniu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. It starts from Saiyuntai Road and ends at Zhonghuan Road. It has a total length of 3128m and a red line width of 40m. It is part of the “3 Rings and 16 Shots” express road network system in the downtown area of Chengdu. One of the radioactive expressways is currently the largest bridge assembly construction demonstration project in Southwest China, with an assembly rate of 67%, which has attracted much attention in the industry.

The project adopts the high damping rubber bearing HDR, the horizontal force dispersion rubber bearing LNR, and the ball bearing JQZ provided by our company.


The prefabricated cover beam of Chengpeng viaduct entering the city section was successfully installed


Rendering of Chengpeng Elevated Entrance Section


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