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"Yaoshan Shanty Town Reconstruction Project in Xichang City, Sichuan Province" successfully won the bid

2019-04-20 10:21:24

In April 2019, the bidding document submitted by our company for the "PPP Project-02 Package-Seismic Isolation Bearing" in Yaoshan Shantytown Reconstruction and Resettlement Site ABC District of China Railway First Bureau Group Co., Ltd. was accepted by the tenderer and was determined as the winning bidder. .

The construction land of this project is located in Yaoshan Village, Xijiao Township, Haihe District, Xichang City, Sichuan Province. It shares 122.95 acres of land. It is an affordable housing project and a key government project related to social stability. It is planned to build 17 resettlement houses and corresponding Underground parking lots, public supporting facilities, community greening, roads, ancillary buildings and other projects, with a planned total construction area of 39,3442.5 square meters.

The seismic fortification intensity of this project is 9 degrees, and the structure is a shear wall structure.




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