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Tongji University (Jiading Campus) University Student Activity Center project seismic isolation support and damper installation work in progress

2020-04-20 10:55:31

The University Student Activity Center Project of Jiading Campus of Tongji University is located in Jiading District, Shanghai, with a total construction area of 21,750 square meters, with one basement level and two partially underground levels. The maximum digging depth is 14.05m, 8 floors above the ground, and a height of 40 meters.

This project, as a model project for shock absorption and isolation of Tongji University in Shanghai, adopts lead rubber bearings, natural rubber bearings, elastic slide bearings and viscous dampers produced by our company. After completion, it will become a domestic seismic isolation technology. One of the key projects for learning and visiting.

At present, our company is sending technical engineers to guide the installation on the construction site, and cooperate with the project department to strengthen the measurement review and targeted technical measures to ensure the installation accuracy of the seismic isolation bearings and dampers in all directions.



The picture shows the support installation photo


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